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Bachelor in Business Administration with Specialization in Information Systems Management

Program description

Today, the globalization of companies requires highly trained and specialized human resources, with sufficient mobility to work in an international and cosmopolitan environment with the importance of technology and languages ​​as a communication vehicle. The degree is designed to direct, organize and control companies through the use of information systems in such a way that the graduate of this specialty can act as information systems manager, systems analyst or web or mobile application designer. Today’s world has changed dramatically as a result of technological advances, in turn transforming the way we do business and live our lives.

That is why MIU has incorporated this program that gives students the opportunity to learn how to use technology information systems to analyze and face business challenges and improve operations. You will study business and information technologies, and learn to solve business problems using hardware, operating systems, networks, programming and database management. The program will provide a solid foundation for using technology as a key business driver to manage corporate information technology resources. Students will receive valuable real-world experience, working in groups on projects with community organizations during the application and program management components.

Program objectives

After the successful completion of this specialization, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic programming skills, database development as well as operating systems and network management.
  • You can use the appropriate tools and techniques for application in organizational environments.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills of systems administration to the appropriate management of software necessary to test the quality of products.
  • You can acquire skills to design and develop applications using relational databases, manage programming tools and web development.
  • You will have effective skills in business design and development and applications using relational databases, and updated programming tools.
  • Show sensitivity and ethics for decision making under your professional responsibilities
  • Identify the information and systems necessary for managerial decision making in an organizational environment.


General Admission Documents

To apply to Metropolitan International University, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Complete “Online Registration Form”.
  • Curriculum Summary.
  • Identification photo (Copy of an official identification).
  • The official qualifications obtained from the universities you attended previously.
  • Copy black background of the diploma or degree, in case the degree does not appear in the academic record.
  • Pay the Admission Fee of $ 50.00 (non-refundable).
Academic Admission Requirements

Metropolitan International University offers a Bachelor’s Degree Completion program and requires applicants to possess the following:

  • An associate’s degree with a cumulative GPA greater than 2.00 / 4.00 (“C”) from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and / or the Council for the Accreditation of Higher Education (CHEA ), or its equivalent abroad.
  • Official credentials that demonstrate the veracity of the associate’s degree in arts must be received by MIU at the time of application.
  • All students must have completed at least 36 general education credits as part of their arts associate.
  • At least 30 credit hours must be taken at MIU.
International students
  • Applicants with a university degree who have completed courses outside the US must have their credentials evaluated by the NACES organization. (www.naces.org).
  • If the applicant authorizes it, MIU can help you in the process of evaluation and translation of the credentials. For more information, see Credential Evaluation Abroad.
  • You can contact us by calling the toll-free number of your country that appears in the international list.
  • Our Admission Advisors are available to answer your questions in English and / or Spanish.
Sending Academic Documents.

Academic Documents are official only when they are sent directly to MIU by the educational institution that issued them.

  • The applicant uploads from their computer, during the application process ¨online their documents in pdf format,
  • You can also send them by email to: Email: admisiones@metrouni.us
  • Or you can send them by post directly to our headquarters at:
    • Metropolitan International University
    • 18501 Pines Blvd, Suite 102 Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA
    • Tele: MIU-USA: + 954-842-3041 / + 954-674-2401/ +888-407-2893

Credit Transfer

Metropolitan International University evaluates the transfer of credits based on the philosophy that students will not be required to repeat subjects that were already taken and approved previously. MIU grants equivalences based on the study of the contents of each course and its correspondence with the courses of the university.

After evaluating the applicant’s credentials and courses and conferring the corresponding equivalences, a Representative of the Evaluation Committee will prepare the Curriculum Plan with the remaining courses that he needs to complete to graduate, known as the Degree Program all based on the documents received at the time of the evaluation.

An applicant can use:

  • Courses previously approved at an institution of higher education accredited and recognized by the United States Department of Education or its equivalent abroad.
  • Courses approved abroad must be translated into English and require evaluation by an evaluation agency belonging to the NACES association (www.naces.org)
  • The courses to be transferred must be approved with a grade of “C +” or higher.
  • The courses to be transferred were taken within the last ten (10) years.
  • Admission counselors will be available to answer any related questions in English or Spanish
Maximum Credit Transfer

Metropolitan International University may grant credit equivalences for the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program as follows:

  • An Associate Degree in Art conferred by an accredited institution or;
  • You can transfer 60 Hour Credits of higher level programs from accredited colleges or institutions of 2 years or its equivalent abroad.
  • A maximum of 30 Hours additional credits to complete a maximum of 90 maximum credits allowed.
  • All credits to be transferred must come from accredited Higher Education institutions or their equivalent abroad.

Program Costs

The total enrollment of the program varies for each student depending on the Credit Hours. At least, you must complete in MIU 30 Hours Credits to complete the Degree Completion Program. The full program of Completion of a 60-hour Bachelor Degree will have a total cost of US $ 5,100, plus other academic fees that apply. All rates are subject to change. Students register for each 8-week academic term and can enroll up to 2 courses.

Enrollment for Undergraduate Programs
Program Cost per Credit Hour
Bachelor’s degree US $85.00
Other Academic Fees
Other Academic Fees
Arancel de Solicitud de Admisión (no reembolsable) US $50.00
Arancel de inscripción (cuota única) US $50.00
Arancel de graduación (Apostilla) US $100.00
Arancel de Tecnología (cada término) US $30.00
Tasa de examen supervisado (Un Examen Final / Curso) US $15.00
Arancel por Emisión de Transcripción en copia US $20.00
Arancel por Curso Incompleto US $100.00
Arancel por Pagos Atrasados US $30.00
Arancel por procesamiento de Retiro US $25.00

Course textbooks, software, materials and Postal Charge

Most Metropolitan International University courses use a textbook as the main reference source. You should consider the price of textbooks in your budget. You should expect to spend approximately $ 80.00 USD per course. In addition to textbooks, MIU has several digital resources already included in the courses to complement your learning experience.

Payment plans

Take advantage of the Payment Plan options.

Two payment plans are available to help fund your degree program at MIU. You can select the payment option that best suits your needs. The student enrolls for Academic Term every 8 weeks a maximum of 2 courses of 3 credits each.

  • Cash – Requires you to pay your account balance in full at the time of enrollment in each term.
  • Standard Payment Plan – MIU allows you to pay your bill in three equal payments in each Term as follows:
    • You make an initial payment of the credits registered in the Term at the time of registration.
    • It subsequently cancels a second payment at the end of the fourth week of the Term.
    • Make a third payment at the end of the 8th week of Term.

General Degree Requirements

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems Management, requires a total of 60 credit hours to be completed. In MIU, applicants for this program must have obtained an associate’s degree or its equivalent of 2 years or more at university level, or have previously approved at least 60 credit hours.

The University can accept:

  • Transfer of credits for equivalence up to a maximum of 90 credit hours.
  • These credits must have been taken at an accredited university in the USA or abroad.
  • The courses to be transferred by equivalence must have been approved with a grade of C or higher.
  • At least 30 credit hours must be completed in MIU.
Curricular Requirements
  • General Education Courses (36 cr)
  • Administration Courses (24 cr)
  • Basic Business Administration Courses (42 cr)
  • Marketing Specialization Courses (18 cr)
    Total 120 credit hours

The number of courses you need to complete your Bachelor’s degree will depend on the number of credits you transfer to the equivalence program, from your previous studies, which will be determined during the admission process.


The duration of this program may vary for each student depending on the number of credits transferred and the student’s individual performance. The minimum time to complete the program is 5 semesters of 16 weeks each, if the student has transferred 60 hours Credits, or an associate’s degree or its equivalent abroad.

Program Courses

The Degree Program may vary depending on the number of credits transferred by equivalence. The Academic Advisor will contact you to prepare your personalized Degree Plan.

Basic Business Administration Courses


Código Curso Cr- Hr
BUA 300 Ética y Responsabilidad Corporativa 3.0
BUA 340 Comportamiento Organizacional 3.0
BUA 350 Organización de Empresas 3.0
BUA 360 Contabilidad 3.0
BUA 370 Principios de Economía 3.0
BUA 480 Derecho de la Empresa 3.0
COM 320 Tecnología de la Comunicación 3.0
FIN 350 Finanzas Personales 3.0
HRM 400 Gerencia de Recursos Humanos 3.0
MGT 300 Principios de la Gerencia 3.0
MIS 330 Sistema de Información de Gerencia 3.0
MKT 300  Principios del Mercadeo 3.0
QMB 420 Liderazgo Gerencial 3.0
QMB 430 Planificación Estratégica 3.0
Total  42.0

Specialization course


(18.0 Credit Hours)

Código Curso Cr-Hr
GSI 410 Fundamentos de la Administración de Bases de Datos 3.0
GSI 420 Gestión de Proyectos de Sistemas de Información 3.0
GSI 430 Gestión de Recursos Empresariales 3.0
GSI 440 Seguridad de Internet Avanzada y Amenazas 3.0
GSI 450 Gestión de Proyectos 3.0
GSI  460 Gestión avanzada de Bases de Datos 3.0
Total 18.0

Note: Students enroll in 4 courses (12 credits) each semester. Each semester is divided into two Terms of 8 weeks each. Students can complete two courses in each Term simultaneously every 8 weeks.

Suggested Sequence of Courses

This Curriculum only shows a sequence of the courses you must take for this particular program and the semester in which you must take them. This plan can help you plan your course schedule. These sequences are only orientations; There is more than one possible sequence of courses for a given program. For a customized Degree Plan, call an academic advisor at 954-842-3041 / 954-674-0351 or contact by email or video conference with Zoom.

Metropolitan International University recommends that students taking a Bachelor in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems Management complete the program in the following sequence:

Código Curso Semanas Cr-hr
Primer Semestre
BUA 300 Ética y Responsabilidad Corporativa 8 3
BUA 340 Comportamiento Organizacional 3
BUA 350 Organización de Empresas 8 3
BUA 360 Contabilidad 3
Total 16 12
Segundo  Semestre
BUA 370 Principios de Economía 8 3
BUA 480 Derecho Empresarial 3
COM 320 Tecnología y Comunicación 8 3
FIN 350 Finanzas Personal 3
Total 16 12
Tercer Semestre
HRM 400 Gerencia de Recursos Humanos 8 3
MGT 300 Principios de la Gerencia 3
MIS 330 Sistema de Información Gerencial 8 3
MKT 300 Principios de Mercadeo 3
Total 16 12
Cuarto Semestre
QMB 420 Liderazgo Gerencial 8 3
QMB 430 Planificación Estratégica 3
GSI   410 Fundamentos de la Administración de Bases de Datos 8 3
GSI   420 Gestión de Proyectos de Sistemas de Información 3
Total 16 12
Quinto Semestre
GSI 430 Gestión de Recursos Empresariales 8 3
GSI 440 Seguridad de Internet Avanzada y Amenazas 3
GSI 450 Gestión de Proyectos 8 3
GSI 460 Gestión avanzada de Bases de Datos 3
Total 16 12

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