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Tuition and Fees
Payment options
Refund Policies
Online Payments

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees for our academic programs are presented below. The total enrollment of the program varies by student, depending on the total credit hours required to graduate. At least 60 credit hours of courses are required to complete the degree program; and 36 credit hours of courses to complete the master’s degree program.

For more details about your financial investment you can go to your specific study program, contact an advisor through the following email: Admisiones@metrouni.us, or call (954) -544-2502 / (954) -534 to 9,183. If you call from abroad you can click on the list of free international telephone numbers.

Registration per credit hour
Course registration Costs per Credit Hour
 Bachelors US $85.00
Masters  US $190.00
Other academic fees
Other academic fees
Admission application fee (non-refundable) US $50.00
Registration fee (one-time fee) US $50.00
Graduation fee (certified by Apostille) US $100.00
Technology Fee (must be canceled at each term of the course) US $30.00
Supervised exam fee (one Final Exam / Course) US $15.00
Issue of copy of transcript US $20.00
Incomplete course fee US $100.00
Late payment fee US $30.00
Withdrawal processing fee US $25.00
Cost of course textbooks, software and materials

Most Metropolitan International University courses use a textbook as the main reference source. You should consider the price of textbooks in your budget. You must spend approximately $ 100.00 USD. In addition to textbooks, MIU has several digital resources already included in the courses to complement your learning experience.

Individual courses

If you register for a single course, you will be charged the tuition fee corresponding to the MIU degree program to which you belong.

Payment options

You have different ways to pay your tuition. You can pay online for:

  • Credit card through Paypal. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Transfer of funds from your bank account through Paypal.
  • Using peerTransfer or Paypal if you are an international student living abroad.
  • To find more information about peerTransfer, click on how PeerTransfer works.
Payment Plans

Our payment plans are available to help fund your tuition. You can choose the payment plan that best suits your needs.

  • No Plan: Requires that you pay your account balance in full at the time of expiration.
  • Monthly payment plan: Allows you to pay your bill in two payments per session, which means four payments per semester.
Third Party Assistance

If you are assisted by a third party, such as a family member, your employer or any other organization that pays your tuition, you can do so through:

  • Sending a voucher, purchase order, or letter of credit to the Collection Office at each term.
  • Make sure they include the student ID, term date, the amount the third party is willing to pay and their contact information.
  • Using one of the online options shown above.

Refund Policies

The student may withdraw from the moment the initial notification is received by Metropolitan International University (this will determine the date of withdrawal). If a student withdraws from MIU or any of its courses for any reason, the amount already paid will be compensated with the tuition in proportion to the study already completed.

Any amount that the student has paid in excess of the required amount will be refunded; If the student has paid less than the required amount, he will be responsible for paying the difference. Any money due to the student will be returned within 30 days of the withdrawal request.

MIU charges tuition and fees for the semester.

Deadlines for Tuition Reimbursement

Cancellations / Withdrawals can be made at the Registrar’s office through:

  • The email secretaria@metrouni.us, or by the following telephone numbers if you are within the United States 954-544-2502 / (954) -534 to 9183 If you call from abroad, you can see the list of international numbers Toll-free and call us with your country number.
  • Using live chat between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm All money will be reimbursed if the applicant is not accepted by the university, or if the student gives up their registration within three (3) business days after the signing of the agreement and down payment.
  • Cancellations / Withdrawals after the third (3) business day, but before the first class, will result in the return of all money paid, except for the registration fee of $ 50.00.
  • All tuition and fees, with the exception of the application for admission, will be refunded if the student withdraws during the first week of the course. (add / withdrawal period)
  • Withdrawal after the first week of classes (withdrawn / add period) will not result in any refund.
  • A student may be dismissed at the discretion of the Registrar for insufficient academic performance, failure to pay tuition and / or fees, or for breach of MIU rules and regulations.
Tuition Reimbursement Table
Course duration  Cancelation/Withdraw        Days -0* -3  Cancelation/Withdraw   Days of classes 1-7* Cancelation/Withdraw   Days of classes 8-end*
Full Semester or Quater


100% 0%

*Application admission Fees are not refundable

Program / Course Cancellation Policy

A student that enrolls in a program that is cancelled by the University before he/she takes his/her first course will receive a full refund or have the opportunity to enroll in another program. Students who are enrolled in a course that is cancelled for a particular term will receive full refund or have the opportunity to enroll in any other course that is part of his academic program.


Online payments

Managing your student account is safe and easy. Login to MyMIU portal to:

  • Check account status
  • Pay your tuition online
  • Add / Remove courses online

If you have any questions about payments and financial matters, please contact the Administration and Finance office using one of the following options:

By email to secretaria@metrouni.us or By phone within the United States at (954) -544-2502 / (954) -534 to 9,183. If you call from abroad see the list of free international telephone numbers and call us with your country number or by live chat from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.